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  • 1.Facebook, Twitter and iPhones
    How Social Networking and Mobile TechnologiesImprove Learning and Prepare Students for Careers in the 21st Century

2. How Times are Changing
3. Digital Natives and Immigrants
No, not really.Not yet.
4. Web 2.0 in Education

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5. User-generated content 6. Modification 7. Social participation(Web 2.0 for Schools, Davies and Merchant, 2009)
8. Wikis as an Example of Attitudes Toward Technology
Jazz in the Harlem Renaissance
9. FacebookIts not just for college students anymore
10. But what do they know?
Cell phones
Using the internet.
We teach them how to critique it.
Photography by Martini Captures
11. So what do we do if they know this?
Use computers in class
Access content.(Are textbooks needed?)
Send texts for general communication
Text in class (backchannels)
12. Assess with Open Book Tests
In the confusion about learning objectives which tend to be stated rather factually, there is always the underlying hope that the student might come away from the experience being able to do something he couldnt do before.No one is interested in actually having the students spouting X.
What does it mean to be educated in the 21st Century, Open EdTech 2008
13. What they know:Wikipedia
14. Famous Speeches
Classic Documentaries
How-to Skills
Student generated content: Why Recycle
Documentary Film
What they know:
15. What Dont They Know
16. Horizon Report 2009
Smart Objects
17. The future is about