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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>www.blogmint.comTwitter Campaign For Steve Madden</p> <p>Done1</p> <p>Duration: 1 DayCampaign</p> <p>Steve Madden partnered with Blogmint to promote their Twitter contest. This campaign witnessed amazing participation of top twitter influencers who tweeted using hashtag #SMKICKS and this campaign was a huge success. At the end of contest, 5 lucky influencers were selected as winners.</p> <p>#SMKICKS </p> <p>#</p> <p>Done2</p> <p>What were the results?Twitter Engagement1500+</p> <p>Reach3 lakhs</p> <p>Impressions1 Million +</p> <p>#</p> <p>Done3</p> <p>Published Social Media Posts</p> <p>#</p> <p>4</p> <p>www.blogmint.com Techno Park, Tower B, 4th FloorSector - 127, Noida Uttar Pradesh, INDIA</p> <p>Sales (India): +91-9999870202</p> <p>done5</p>