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  1. 1. Leveraging LinkedIn forSearch and StaffingBusiness Development
  2. 2. Topics well cover Build your brand Engage your network Recruit new clients Leverage commonalities Gain market intelligence Generate new leads Q&A2
  3. 3. Buildyour brand#HiretoWin
  4. 4. What is the number oneactivity performed onLinkedIn?4
  5. 5. Make your profile speak for itself6The anatomy of a well-branded profileBe Found Easily withDescriptive HeadlineEssential linksEngaging, friendly pictureKiller summaryCustom public profile link
  6. 6. Engageyour network#HiretoWin
  7. 7. The numbers dont lieGoing in with a hard sell isnt working anymore75%of B2B purchases areinfluenced by SocialMedia.57%of buying decisions aremade before a sales repis involved.97%of cold calls do notwork.Alex Hisaka, Survival of the Fittest: How Todays Enterprise Buyers Have Evolved (http://lnkd.in/dV_QnP3), (July 21, 2014).8
  8. 8. Think like a marketer. Engage with your network.Your Personal Status Updates Follow the rule of Threes Personal post Industry post Company related post or job Be a thought leader Be visual Be interactive992% of B2B buyersengage with salesprofessionals who areknown industry thoughtleaders.(Source: Survey of 1,500 LinkedIn members who influence or make B2B purchases and are Managers or above).
  9. 9. Recruitnew clients#HiretoWin
  10. 10. According to a survey of B2B buyersor influencers on LinkedIn: Only 4%had a favorable impression of asalesperson who reached out cold. But87% had a favorable impression of asalesperson who was introduced tothem through someone in theirprofessional network.11(Source: Survey of 1,500 LinkedIn members who influence or make B2B purchases and are Managers or above).
  11. 11. Linkedin.com12Live Demo
  12. 12. Recruit clientsSearch postedJobsNavigate tocompanyemployees+jump into RPSIdentify key hiringmanagers+leveragecommonalitiesPosted Job leads13
  13. 13. Recruit clientsTime at CompanyLess than 1 yearCurrent Company =new client targets!Companies adding talentWhat type ofhires do youspecialize in?14
  14. 14. Recruit clientsKnow when your current and target clients may have openingsBuild your targetclient list underAny Past CompanyCreate a SearchAlert!Follow each ofyour current andtarget clientsCompany Page15
  15. 15. Your LinkedIn Business Development Strategy16Key TakeawaysBuild a profile that markets to clients and candidatesEngage your network to stay top of mindPersonal Status UpdatesRecruit new clients by leveraging commonalitiesAlumni functionalityLinkedIn GroupsCompany & Career PagesUse refinement filters + Search Alerts in Recruiter Professional Services
  16. 16. Coming soon!Business Development on LinkedIn:The Staffing Agencys GuideNow Available!linkd.in/1rCwGtu