Visualforce for the Salesforce1 Platform

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  • 1. Coding the Salesforce User Interface with Visualforce Pages
  • 2. Welcome Simon Goodyear Advanced Developer MVP @simongoodyear
  • 3. What is Visualforce? A Framework for building custom user interfaces for your Salesforce data 100% native, hosted in your Salesforce org Component based, tag based syntax
  • 4. Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern Model Controller View Your Data Your Logic Your Interface Standard and Custom Objects Standard Controllers + Apex Code
  • 5. Anatomy of a Visualforce Tag Prefix Library the Component belongs to (apex, chatter etc.) Component Name Type of Component to be generated Attribute Value String literal or merge field value passed to the Component Attribute Name The name of a value to be passed to the Component
  • 6. Anatomy of a Visualforce Tag
  • 7. Use the Expansive Tag Library 140+ tags to choose from (more included through releases) Apply SF standard styling easily Create fields, actions, charts, forms and chatter feeds ...
  • 8. Or Roll Your Own Visualforce integrates easily with other standard web tech: HTML Javascript CSS Create your own custom reusable components
  • 10. Whats Next? Try It! Developer Resources Visualforce Developers Guide Get help Stack Exchange
  • 11. Assistez notre atelier thmatique pour les Dveloppeurs 16h00 16h40 Les applications web mobiles surSalesforce1 PrsentparPeterChittum,
  • 12. La communaut dedveloppeursSalesforce enFrance Paris: St Quentin:
  • 13. Thank You