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Presentation for #fredsmc Frederick Chamber of Commerce Social Media Conference Friday June 5, 2009

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  • 1. Niche networks, new platforms, mobile web, and the futureof social media for businessJim Hardy Hemacell Perfusion Frederick Maryland OnlineFredCoBio

2. About Me Jim Hardy Pres. & CSO Hemacell Perfusion, Inc. 4539 Metropolitan Court Frederick, Md 21704 (301) 639-6718 web: blog: FredCoBio Skype: gahaga44 Twitter: @FredCoBio Linked-In Profile FriendFeed profile 3. Who Are You? How many of you are .Sales, Marketing, Biz Dev or PR? .IT/Computer hacks .Management or Owners .have a Blog .have twitter account .have a web-enabled, hand-held device .Have heard of LinkedIn, skype, friendfeed .Have heard about Google Wave 4. Social Media Definedcontent created by people using highlyaccessible and scalable publishing technologies. At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. It's a set of technologies, tools and platformsfacilitating the discovery, participation andsharing of content. It is transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues(many to many) and the democratization ofinformation, transforming people fromcontent readers into publishers. Social media has become extremely popular because it allows people to connect in the online world to form relationships for personal and business. Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content (UGC) or consumer- generated media (CGM). 5. Social TechnographicsCreators Publish blogs, upload videos and photos, etc.Critics Post ratings, reviews, and comments, use forums Collectors Use RSS feeds, add tags, vote Joiners Maintain profiles, visit social nets Speculators Read blogs, watch, view Inactives Do nothing, avoid 2008, Forrester Research 6. Social Media Defined Networking Listen Participate Create a dialogue Build relationships Humanize your brand, products Be committed Measure OptimizeAaron Schaap, The Image Group Leveraging Social Media for Business 7. / 8. Listening: Primary Sources of Information 9. How Much Do you Really wantto Hear? Gathered in a community orthrough a communicationchannel, they have a voice andimpact. The things they say couldeither help them think anddevelop, benefit or do themharm (in REAL TIME) 10. The Future is Digital 11. Ways to ListenRSS Feeds: Brings information to you 12. Ways to ListenALERTS 13. Still Listening? 14. 7 ways Social Networking contributes to Healthy Conversations 15. ParticipateFor Bigger Businesses there are a variety of Enterprise Solutions 16. Participate: Content Marketing 17. Participate 18. Be Committed: Make Goals and Measure them Measure important things Not everything can be measured in ameaningful (monetary) way careful selection ofstrategic, focused tools and tactics, awork that requires holistic businessresearch,approach, and careful testing andpreparation,analysis to figure out internal education whats appropriate and training,for your business.challenges and risks. It takes time,resources, andcommitment as well a willingness to failon occasionIt takes work, folks 19. Social Media Optimization 20. the Future of the Internet MUST read: BBC News, The Tech Lab: Paul Twomey Future growth will come from the world's developing economies, and it won't even be reliant on access to personal computers. Ten years ago, 100 million people used the internet. Today it is 1.4 billion. By the end of 2010, 5 billion people will have a mobile phone. Many of these will be internet enabled. 21. Vision of the Future 22. Wave of the Future 23. The enterprise implications of Google Wave: Integrates many key features of e-mail, IM, microblogging, media sharing into one Wave or browser-like interface Can be moved or embedded anywhere HTML can be embedded Largely complements and doesnt replace existing communication and collaborative applications. 24. a WaveA wave is equal parts conversationand documentPeople can communicate and worktogether with richly formattedtext, photos, videos, maps, and more. A wave is sharedAny participant can reply anywhere in themessage, edit the content and addparticipants at any point in the process.Then playback lets anyone rewind thewave to see who said what and when. A wave is liveWith live transmission as youtype, participants on a wave can havefaster conversations, see edits andinteract with extensions in real-time. 25. My Impressions: the Wave This could easily change the microblogging & Email landscape, radicallyStill pre-beta, so there will be changes (8 days old) Open API will result in flux of new apps