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  • 1. Lamar University
    College of Education
    Educational LeadershipBeaumont, TX
    Engaging Learners: Promising Practices in the Cloud
    Kay Abernathy, Ed.D.Sheryl Abshire, Ph.D.Cindy Cummings, M.Ed.Diane Mason, Ph.D.
  • 2. Connectivism
    George Siemens, University of Manitoba
    Stephen Downes, Senior Research for Canadas National Research Council, OLDaily Online Newsletter
    YouTube Video, Connectivism and Technology:
  • 3. Connectivismin Practice
    Building 21st Century Learning Environments in EC-20
    Building Educational Technology Leadership Capacity
    Sample -Meaningful Engaged Learning (MEL) Using the Cloud
  • 4. Promising Practices:Use and Transference
    Google Tools, Slideshare
    Online References. Digital Content, Social Media
    DropBox & MediaFire
    Web Conferencing, Skype, Google Talk/Chat
    Animoto, Podcasts, Stykz, Audacity, Wordle
    Assistive Technologies
    YouTube, TeacherTube, SchoolTube
    WikiSpaces, Blogger, PB Wiki, WordPress
  • 5. Promising Practices
    Project-based Learning
    Personalized Learning (Choices)
    Critical Reflection
    Authentic Assessment
    Mentoring, Coaching, and Peer Review
  • 6. Cloud Computing Samples
    Kathy Payne, Erin Cobb, Michelle Barber
    Pam Comer
  • 7. Cloud Computing Samples
    • Pamela Comer
    Sarah Lopez
    Stephanie Connor
    Sandy Allen
  • 8. Cloud Computing Samples
    • Marie Grigsby
    • 9. Matthew Kitchens