Selling the Value of Training

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Text of Selling the Value of Training

  • How to sell the value of training to your managerPaula Jones Sixth Level

  • ObjectivesBy the end of this session you will be able to:

    See the value in trainingExtract the benefits quicklyLearn the key messages Leave feeling confident to sell

  • Once upon a time there was a great king

  • Who assembled an army

  • Of BlacksmithsTeachersAnd Chefs

  • He armed themHe put them on horsesAnd he sent them to battle

  • But none returned

  • And the King lost everything

  • His rival assembled his army

  • Of Knights and Generals

  • Taking everything the first King had

  • What did the first King do wrong?

  • ScenarioYou need to purchase Excel training for your team:First, you must persuade your sceptical manager

  • See the value in trainingOne Excel training course:180 per person

    The value of well trained staff:Priceless


  • Training whats for *AFTERs?Always put in context firstFrame of the other personThoroughness is keyExtra info needed?Required info only*Andy Bounds The Jelly Effect

  • AFTERsHelp you reach the bottom line quickly

  • Deliver your key messagesYou know the value of trainingAFTERs will deliver the messagesConvince your manager

    Training value =Saved timeGreater profitabilityStronger bottom line

  • Leave Confident

  • Session SummarySeeing the value in training,Extracting the benefits quickly,Learning key messages to put acrossLets you leave confident in the knowledge that you know whats for AFTERs in training

  • Any questions?

  • 643 5654