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TEkNIk MENJAWA TEkNIk MENJAWA SOALAN SOALANAHASA INSSERIS AHASA INSSERISSPM SPMTEkNIk MENJAWA TEkNIk MENJAWA SOALAN SOALANAHASA INSSERIS AHASA INSSERISSPM SPMFormut of EnqIish PupersSPM LeveIPoper I1119/11 Hour & 4b mins(b murks)~ To test students' writinq skiIIs in quided essuyPoper Z1119/ZZ Hours & 1b mins(7b murks)~ To test students' writinq in creutive essuyULS~ to test ~ to test students' students' ubiIity in ubiIity in speukinq skiII speukinq skiIIAnuIysis of the SPM EnqIish Lunquuqe Puper 1Section Section Type of Questions Type of Questions Question Question Murks Murks uIIocuted uIIocutedA Direcfed Wrifinq I 3b8 Confinuous Wrifinq Z b06ode : [1119| 1} 6ode : [1119| 1}Types of essay wr|t|ng Types of essay wr|t|ng 0escr|b|ng peop|e, scenes & events 8peech 8tor|es - mora| va|ues 6urrent |ssues Processes & procedures Letters - |nforma| & forma| Expand|ng notes & summar|es Ta|ks[soc|a| & current |nterest} C|v|ng |nstruct|ons [eg demonstrat|on} Report wr|t|ng[eg c|ass projects|soc|ety meet|ngs} C|v|ng |nformat|on from graph|c ||nears|tab|es0|v|s|on of 8ect|onsNo. of quest|onsType of quest|ons Length 8t|mu|us used Types of wr|t|ng tested8ect|on A 0|RE6TE0 wR|T|NC 1Cu|ded EssayA0V|8ALE 45 m|nutes150 - 250 wordsNotes, part of a |etter, memo, report, transcr|pt, speech,advert|sement, poster, graph, tab|eLetter [forma|||nforma|}; art|c|e [eg. schoo| magaz|ne}; ta|k|speech; demo||nstruct|on; expand|ng notes g|ven; report [schoo| based}SuideIines on SECTION A of SPM 1119 (puper 1) SuideIines on SECTION A of SPM 1119 (puper 1)[35 marks}F = 3 - 5m6 = 10 - 12mL = 20muideIines for sfudenfs on Secfion A (poper I) Read lre cuesl|or p(ope(|v. what are you expected to wr|te|produce? |dent|fy the format of the wr|t|ng use ALL lre po|rls d|ver ll vou a(e as|ed lo e|aoo(ale or lre po|rls d|ver. p|ease do so. |d|ve exarp|es |l recessa(v) 00 N0T wRlTE T00 L0N0 w(|le sl(a|drl lo lre po|rl|(epo(l. speecr o( la||) 0o rol use co||ocu|a|/|rlo(ra| lo(rs o( 3V3 |arduade w(|le |rle(esl|rd essav lo caplu(e lre allerl|or ol lre exar|re(0|v|s|on of 8ect|onsNo. of quest|onsType of quest|ons Length 8t|mu|us usedTypes of wr|t|ng tested8ect|on 60NT|NU0U8 wR|T|NC[50 marks}5 [choose on|y 1}Free EssayA0V|8ALE0 m|nutesabout 350 wordsn|a 0escr|pt|ve Expos|tory Narrat|ve Argumentat|ve| persuas|veSuideIines on SECTION of SPM 1119 (puper 1) SuideIines on SECTION of SPM 1119 (puper 1)uideIines for sfudenfs on Secfion 8(poper I) Croose cuesl|or Wr|cr oesl su|ls vou( slv|e ol W(|l|rd. 8e c(eal|ve. Th|NK 0UT 0F ThE 0X Th|NK 0UT 0F ThE 0X use va(|elv ol serlerce sl(uclu(es use purclual|or ellecl|ve|v Crec| vou( W(|l|rd lo( spe|||rd e((o(s.AnuIysis of pust yeurs' pupersSPM LeveIPaper 1 2004 2005 200 2007 20080|rected wr|t|ngReport for the Pr|nc|pa|0n |mprov|ng the schoo|lnformal letter[to a fr|end}Exper|ence at the camplnformal letter[to a fr|end}Rep|y a |etter7alk [to students}About a sc|ence bookArticle [about a fr|end}For schoo| magaz|ne6ont|nuous wr|t|ng0escr|pt|veNarrat|veExpos|tory |0escr|pt|veArgumentat|veExpos|tory0escr|pt|veNarrat|veExpos|tory |0escr|pt|veArgumentat|veExpos|tory0escr|pt|veNarrat|veExpos|tory |0escr|pt|veArgumentat|veExpos|tory0escr|pt|veNarrat|veExpos|tory |0escr|pt|veArgumentat|veExpos|tory0escr|pt|veNarrat|veExpos|tory |0escr|pt|veArgumentat|veExpos|toryo. Secfion Ab. Secfion 8c. Secfion Cd. Secfion D6ode : [1119| 2} 6ode : [1119| 2}Time oIIocofed : Z hours Ib minufesAnuIysis of the SPM EnqIish Lunquuqe Puper ZPaper 0|v|s|on of 8ect|onsType of quest|onsNo. of quest|ons RemarkPaper 2[1119|2}8ect|on A CRAPh|6 HATER|AL8 & 8h0RT TEXT80bject|veA0V|8ALE 25 m|nutes8(ne 1 (ne 1 8) 8)0uest|ons based on graph|cs st|mu|| and short texts. [egadvert|sement, graph, charts, tab|e, newspaper c||pp|ng, |nstruct|on, maps etc}RAT|0NAL 6L0ZE 7(ne 9 (ne 9 1) 1)0uest|ons based on vocabu|ary & grammar understand|ngAnuIysis of the SPM EnqIish Lunquuqe Puper ZSruphic MuteriuIs & Short Tets Sruphic MuteriuIs & Short TetsTips#eod fhe WHOLE fexfAnoIyse fhe opfions qiven - somefimes fhe quesfions con be fricky so reod fhem corefuIIy ond poy exfro offenfion fo words Iike excepf, frue, unfrue, foIse, incIude, probobIySampIe questionQuestion 1Read the following advertisement and answer the question that follows.t's a wonderful time of the year to make somefantastic holiday plans with family and friends -we have just the right packages. So start makingyour travel plans and snap away those blues!The above advertisement is to provide people a chance toA. travel with a certain tour agency.B. take photographs of holiday destinations.C. fly with a certain airline for a holiday.SampIe questionQuestion 2$tudy the table below and answer the question that follows.PORT DICKSON TIME METRESAM 1.52 0.77.14 2.9PM 14.04 0.119.25 3.0From the table above, we know that the tide is the lowest atA. 1.52 a.mB. 2.04 a.mC. 7.14 a.mD. 7.25 a.mRationaI CIoze RationaI CIoze The possoqe in #ofionoI CIoze confoins seven bIonks. 8ofh qrommor ond vocobuIory ore fesfed in fhis secfion.%ips for RationaI CIoze %ips for RationaI CIoze Read through the whoIe passage Look at the context of the bIank, the words that come before & after it. Cross out the options that you have decided to reject. Recheck the answer. VocaIise the options chosen to see if it sounds right.Questions 9 - 15Read the following passage and choose the best answer.A tourist was walking along the beach at sunset 9 he noticed a man, a local native, who kept picking up something and 10 it back into the water. The tourist was puzzled. He 11 the man and asked him why he was doing that. "'m throwing these starfish back into the sea. You see, it's low tide right now and all these starfish 12 up onto the shore. f don't throw them back, they'll 13 up here from the lack of oxygen." understand, the tourist replied, "but there must be thousands of starfish on 14 beach. You can't simply get all of them. There are simply too 15 . And don't you realize this probably happening on hundreds of beaches up and down this coast. Don't you see that you can't possibly make a difference? A. beforeB. whileC. when A. outranB. caughtC. approached14 A. anyB. thisC. that A. takingB. leavingC. pushingD. throwing12 A. has been washingB. has been washedC. have been washedD. have been washing15 A. muchB. manyC. variedD. abundant13 A. deadB. diedC. diesD. die#ational Cloze Answers:9. C10. D11. C12. C13. D14. B15. BPaper 0|v|s|on of 8ect|ons Type of quest|onsNo. of quest|ons RemarkPaper 2[1119|2}8ect|on |NF0-TRAN8FER[8tructured Responses}1} 6omp|et|ng a tab|e2} 8entence comp|et|on8ubject|veA0V|8ALE 25 m|nutes10[no 1 - 25}0uest|ons on transferr|ng re|evant |nfo from one text type |nto another - e.g comp|ete a d|agram from the |nfo g|ven AnuIysis of the SPM EnqIish Lunquuqe Puper ZTips for onswerinq Tips for onswerinq Secfion 8 Secfion 8 #eod fhrouqh fhe informofion provided in fhe sfimuIus. #eod fhe quesfions corefuIIy ond wrife fhe onswer in fhe bIonks or box provided. Wrife SHO#T onswers. Check your onswer oqoin. SPELLIM PUMCTUATIOM E##O#S IM THE AMSWE#S A#EUSUALLY MOT AWA#DED MA#SPaper 0|v|s|on of 8ect|ons Type of quest|onsNo. of quest|ons RemarkPaper 2[1119|2}8ect|on 6 60HPREhEN8|0N8ubject|veA0V|8ALE 50 m|nutes5[no 2 - 30}6omprehens|on quest|ons based on extended text by prov|d|ng student's own answers or us|ng the text taken from the passage8UHHARY 1[no 31}8ummar|s|ng the same text from comprehens|on passage[not |onger than 130 words, |nc|ud|ng the 10 words}AnuIysis of the SPM EnqIish Lunquuqe Puper ZT|ps on answer|ng comprehens|on quest|ons T|ps on answer|ng comprehens|on quest|ons Read lr(oudr lre Wro|e passade ard l(v lo urde(slard |ls corlerl. Read lr(oudr ALL cuesl|ors d|ver. ArsWe(s srou|d oe o(|el ard c|ea(. 00 N0T dere(a||se lre lacls. 0o rol d|ve arsWe( Wr|cr (ecu|(es vou lo d|ve a word arsWe(. ll you are askeo ro ur|re us|no your oun uoros. rnen use your oun uoros. Coro|re vou( arsWe( W|lr sore Wo(ds l(or lre lexl.Z8. From the paragraph 9, state two offers Jack made to show his gratitude.___________________________________________________ mark)29. From paragraph 13, what did the young men mean by "papers' and why do they need them?___________________________________________________ mark)30. Explain in your own words how the newspaper played a part in the men's future?___________________________________________________ marks)SompIe quesfions SompIe quesfionsT|ps on answer|ng summary quest|on T|ps on answer|ng summary quest|on Read the quest|on carefu||y. Hark the spec|f|ed port|on of the text. |dent|fy the po|nts from the spec|f|ed port|on [|nc|ude a|| re|evant po|nts based on the quest|on g|ven} Leave out repet|t|ons, |rre|evant |nformat|on and op|n|ons. 6hange a|| d|rect speech |nto reported speech. wr|te |n 0NE paragraph. 0o not wr|te |n note forms Try to ||m|t to the 130-word ||m|t, |nc|ud|ng the 10 |ntroductory words g|ven. No cheat|ng on the number of words. 8ect|on 0L|TERATURE 60HP0NENT"Good Eng|lsh. ue|| soken and ue|| urltten ul|| oen more doors than a co||ege degree... Bad Eng|lsh ul|| s|am doors ou dont eten knou exlst." -- Wl||lam Rasberr