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Xcell Journal issue 86’s cover story examines how Xilinx has become the first programmable logic vendor to ship a 20-nm device to customers. It also examines the upcoming products in Xilinx’s Kintex® and Virtex® UltraScale™ portfolios, including the UltraScale VU440 – a 3D FPGA that breaks Xilinx’s previous world records for capacity and transistor counts. The issue also includes a variety of fantastic methodology and how-to articles for Xilinx users of all skill levels.

Text of Xcell journal issue 86


    S O L U T I O N S F O R A P R O G R A M M A B L E W O R L D

    Xcell journalXcell journalI S SUE 85 , FOUR TH QUAR TER 2013 Accelerate Cloud Computingwith the Zynq SoC

    Zynq SoC Enables Red PitayaOpen-Source Instruments

    How to Design IIR Filters forInterpolation and Decimation

    Middleware Turns Zynq SoC into Dynamically ReallocatingProcessing Platform

    Xilinxs UltraFastMethodology: A Formulafor Generation-AheadProductivity

    Demystifying Unexpanded Clocks



    S O L U T I O N S F O R A P R O G R A M M A B L E W O R L D


    Xilinx Ships Industrys First 20-nm All Programmable Devices

    Using Vivado HLS to Design a Median Filter and Sorting Network for Video

    Ins and Outs of Testbench Creation

    How to Add an RTOS to Your Zynq SoC Design

    Kintex-7 Receiver Mines TV White Space for New Comms Services

  • Avnet, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved. AVNET is a registered trademark of Avnet, Inc.Xilin, Zynq and Vivado are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xilinx, Inc.

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    Rapidly connect and prototype high speed analog-to-digital conversion to FPGA platforms

    JEDEC JESD204B SerDes (serial/deserializer) technology

    Four 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion channels at 250 MSPS (two AD9250 ADC ICs)

    Free eye diagram analyzer software included in complete downloadable software and documentation package

    HDL and Linux software drivers fully tested and supported on ZC706 and other Xilinx boards.

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    JESD204B Survival Guide at

    Fast, Simple Analog-to-Digital Converter to Xilinx FPGA Connection with JESD204B

    Analog Devices AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ FMC board connected to Xilinx Zynq ZC706 displaying eye diagram and output spectrum on native Linux application via HDMI.

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    Xcell journal

    Xilinx Expands Generation-Ahead Lead to Era of UltraScale

    Happy New Year! As we move into 2014, I find myself very excited about Xilinxsprospects and predict that this will be banner year for the company and our customers. I have been an eyewitness to the tremendous effort Xilinx has madeover the last six years under the leadership of CEO Moshe Gavrielov. In that time, amongmany accomplishments, Xilinx launched three generations of products and developed anentirely new, best-in-class design tool suite. Whats more, by launching our 7 series AllProgrammable devices a few years ago and being first to ship 20-nanometer devices inDecember 2013, Xilinx is growing from the FPGA technology leader to a leader in semi-conductor and system innovations.

    The 7 series, to me, marks the beginning of Xilinxs breakout, as the company not onlydelivered the best FPGAs to the market at 28 nm, but also innovated two entirely new class-es of devices: our 3D ICs and Zynq SoCs.

    Meanwhile, our tools group developed from scratch the Vivado Design Suite and theUltraFast Design Methodology to help customers get innovations to market sooner. Allthese advancements in the 7 series are remarkable in and of themselves, but whats moreimpressive is that they set a solid road map for future prosperity for Xilinx and a path towardinnovation for our customers. It has been deeply rewarding to see this success becoming evi-dent and undeniable to the outside world over the last few quarters, as Xilinx now has morethan 70 percent of total 28-nm FPGA market share with our 7 series devices. These numberstruly put wood behind the marketing arrow that Xilinx is a Generation Ahead.

    In my days as a reporter, I often witnessed the back-and-forth bravado in this industrybetween Xilinx and its competition. There was so much of it and with so little concrete proofon either side that it became white noiselike listening to two kids bickering in the back-seat over whatever.

    Of course, today Im biased because I work here, but I predict that if Xilinxs momentumand Generation Ahead lead werent apparent to you in 2013, they will be in 2014. If you lookat the numbers and Xilinxs first-to-market delivery of products over the last two generations,it is evident that Xilinx is not content to sit still and wait for the competition to try to leapfrogus. As you will read in the cover story, late last year Xilinx delivered the industrys first 20-nmFPGAs to customers months ahead of the competition (which has yet to ship 20-nm prod-ucts) and unveiled the portfolios for the 20-nm Kintex and Virtex UltraScale devices.Included in the UltraScale offering is a Virtex FPGA with a capacity four times greater thanthe competitions largest device, continuing Xilinxs undisputed density leadership.

    The new UltraScale families are ASIC-class devices that bring incredible value to cus-tomers who today are developing the innovations that will shape tomorrownot justthose a year or more from now, but products that will define the future of electronics.Whats even more exciting is that these launches represent just the beginning of theUltraScale era at Xilinx.

    Mike SantariniPublisher

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    Letter From the Publisher

    Xilinx Expands Generation-Ahead Lead to Era of UltraScale 4


    Profiles in Xcellence

    Kintex-7 Receiver Mines TV White Space for New Comms Services16

    Cover Story

    8 Xilinx Ships Industrys First 20-nm All Programmable Devices 16

  • F I R S T Q U A R T E R 2 0 1 4 , I S S U E 8 6


    Median Filter and Sorting Network for Video Processing with Vivado HLS 20

    Xplanation: FPGA 101

    Ins and Outs of Creating the Optimal Testbench 30

    Xplanation: FPGA 101

    How to Add an RTOS to Your Zynq SoC Design 36

    Xplanation: FPGA 101

    How to Make a Custom XBD File for Xilinx Designs 42

    XTRA READINGTools of Xcellence

    Selecting the Right Converter: JESD204B vs. LVDS 48

    How to Bring an SMC-Generated Peripheral with AXI4-Lite Interface into the Xilinx Environment 52

    Xtra, Xtra The latest Xilinx tool updates and patches, as of January 2014 60

    Xpedite Latest and greatest from the Xilinx Alliance Program partners 62

    Xamples A mix of new and popular application notes 64

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