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Prezentare pentru MatterWars sustinuta la MobileMonday TImisoara

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  • 1. Who am I?Popescu PetreStudent in IVth year at Univ. PolitehnicaTimisoaraAS3 Developer for 5 years Mobile Developer for (almost) 2 years

2. What I released? A few Flash web gamesDuel Adventure, Star Commander, Deep Space Frontier and a few more Mobile Apps/Games Math Test (8800+ installs/1400+ active) Deep Space Frontier (4500+ installs/550+ active)Money Planner (300+ installs/ 50+ active) 3. Any money made from mobile?35$(in 1.5 years) 4. Any money made from mobile?35$(in 1.5 years)But money wasnt my objective 5. My latest project 6. A strategy game foriPad/iPhoneAndroidBlackBerry Playbook(+PC Web Version) 7. All those platforms? How is it possible? 8. Time Spent DevelopingPC Web Version: 1.5 Months Mobile Port: 2 WeeksIn my free time 9. Major differences between PC and Mobile Version PC Web Version: Starling Framework with Stage3D accelerated graphicsMobile Version: default AS3 libs, no Stage3D,GPU rendered graphics 10. Game features 5 Matter types Unique AI for each matter type 13 predefined levels (more to come onrelease) Random generated levels in "SingleExperiment" Mode 11. Future improvements Migration to Stage3D once it is released forAIR Mobile Particle System for improved graphics More levels Better AI 12. Release date and price Sometime next month(once bugs are fixed and everything is stable) 13. But first I need your help Play the gameReport bugsSuggest improvements Devices needed iPad, iPad2, iPhone 4, Android Smartphone(AIR Mobile compatible), Blackberry Playbook 14. Contact Phone: 0727471282