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  1. 1. Effective Public Communication MURAL ART PRESENTATION Group Member: Ong Shi Hui (0320303) Liew Poh Ka (0320424) Lee Kailyn (0320273) Loong Bo Lin (0321469) Lee Shze Hwa (0320053) Boon Yi Chung (0318300) Tan Yong Chien (0320200)
  3. 3. MURAL ART
  4. 4. Artist background - Artist Mohamad Izzudin Asyraf - He is a Malaysian. - He is a graphic design student from UITM. - He is a winner from Green Apple Award 2014 - He won a consolation prize worth RM500 on PAINTING ON SITE category in Laman Seni Seksyen 7.
  5. 5. The mural art included the eye of the three main actors in the movie Seniman Bujang Lapok which are P. Ramlee, S. Shamsuddin and Aziz Sattar. They are well-known actors of the Malaysian movies. I had preserved the lyrics of the song Menceceh Bujang Lapok in order to help people to remember back the memory that embed our mind. I hope that it will inspire to the younger generation to appreciate the efforts of local artist when they saw my mural art. ABOUT THIS MURAL ART
  6. 6. CONCEPT SFirst Impression Language Eye Expression Media Communication Self Perception
  7. 7. Mural Art 2: Mural Depicting Life in School
  8. 8. >> Mural Art