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  • What is the Industrial Revolution?

    What product?Samuel Slater

    memorized spinning machine and designed1st machine in USA*

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    Lowell, MA (Francis Cabot Lowell - Cloth)

  • *Eli WhitneyInventorWhat are Interchangeable Parts?Now they can be built on an assembly line.Assembly line + interchangeable parts = mass productionCotton gin


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  • *HENRY CLAYS (from KY) AMERICAN SYSTEM (hoping to unite N and S sections of U.S. economically- he fears the USA is growing apartAgriculture in South/West and manufactured goods from North

    Called American System >>relied on internal improvements: transportation (National Road and Erie Canal)How to pay for this?President Madison proposed protective tariff

  • *TARIFF OF 1816Tax on what?Foreign goods more expensive>> people more likely to buy whose products?People in the North happyHated in the South and West- resent higher prices

  • *Tariff of 1816 set up to pay for internal improvements in transportation

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  • *http://www.history.com/shows/america-the-story-of-us/videos/building-the-erie-canal#

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  • Adams-Onis TreatySpain gave Florida to USAAlso gave up claim to Oregon territoryThis led to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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  • *MONROE DOCTRINEAimed at European nations Hands off the Western Hemisphere.Dont even try to create new colonies or disrupt new republics in the AmericasWell stay out of European affairs, but this is our Sphere of Influence

  • Election of 1824/ corrupt bargain4 candidates for presidency Crawford, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay and John Q. Adams Problem????No majority in electoral collegeWhat happens?

    corrupt bargain


  • Henry Clay swayed the votes in the House to J. Q. AdamsBehind the scenes deal made>>>>Adams becomes President and Henry Clay gets a new job as Sec. of State>> Jackson calls it a corrupt bargain*

  • *KING ANDREW THE FIRSTWhat does this cartoon suggest about Jacksons attitude towards the Constitution?

    How does this cartoon specifically comment on Jacksons use of presidential power?

  • *ANDREW JACKSONWon 1828 election.Appealed to common man.Opposed wealthy, elitist interests and agendas.Spoils systemPractice of giving people that supported them govt. jobsspoils

    Referred to as his Kitchen cabinet-

  • INDIAN REMOVAL ACT (1830)Settlers want landJacksons thoughts:Assimilation wont work.Solution: Move Indians west.> Indian Removal ActCherokee bring case to Supreme Court in Worchester vs. GAEven though the Cherokee won recognition and that Georgia was not allowed to invade their land, Pres. Jackson refused to abide by the Supreme Court decision John Marshall made his decision, now let him enforce it


  • Why is it called the TRAIL OF TEARS?Cherokee forced off their land1,000 miles west- 25% died on the journey *

  • *NULLIFICATION THEORYGB tries to flood US with cheap goodsGovt. raised tariff (taxes) to protect American industry Called Tariff of Abominations by John C CalhountariffNorth getting rich at Souths expense.Could the states question the federal govt?

    If the Constitution had been established by 13 sovereign states, then each had the right to nullify a federal law it considered unconstitutional.- nullification theory

  • *South Carolina rebels1832: SC rejects another tariff. SC declares them unconstitutionalThreatened to secede.Federal troops marched to enforce law.

    Eventually, a solution was found, crisis avoided, for now

    States rights = major cause of Civil War.

  • *HARRISON AND TYLERWm. H. Harrison wins 1840 election and soon dies of pneumonia (he was only president for 30 days)- V.P John Tyler succeeds HarrisonReferred to as His Accidency 1841-45