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  • 1. Name : Lee Pei Gie (0315653) Than Lek Mei (0315538) Leong Chee Mun (0316256) Khoo Xin Yee (0316180) Tee Sin Yi (0315689) Yong Seen Yee (0315883) Module : Effective Public Communication [FCOM 0102] Session : February, 2014 Mural
  • 2. Interactive 3D Murals A HIT !
  • 3. Mural What makes a mural relevant to its audience? Murals are grand-scale paintings moved off canvases, panels and papers and onto walls. It is not just a form of decoration, but communication as well. As these two functions are combined, murals can convey powerful messages, both socially and political relevant to their urban audiences.
  • 4. Artsphere A newly launched space with retail lots, cafes, restaurants and banks. With an emphasis on art, culture and lifestyle, the Artsphere 20/8ty features 80 quirky and attractive works by 20 talented artists. The idea was to showcase art that was unique, interactive and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.
  • 5. Artsphere The diverse murals range from large ones painted across the floor , to artworks that come with props.
  • 6. 3D Murals
  • 7. Murals with Props
  • 8. Alice in Wonderland A Mad Tea Party Painted by: Shien Sim Let me guess Alice in Wonderland must have been one of our memorable memories during childhood years. Solets walk down to this memory lane together!!! To bring back our memories, this dining table is set up with a very nice angle. Imagine you are having tea with those amazing characters just as Alice did. How cool it is !!!
  • 9. Subjective perception (Fantasy and dreamy) Non verbal messages (Relax and escape from the reality a while) Non verbal cues (Table and chair) Stereotype (The furniture is to sit down and chit-chat) Non verbal codes (Space - Personal)
  • 10. Boy on Tree House Painted by: Mono When youre a kid, the world is your playground. Theres no responsibilities and worrying. Every day is play-day and you get to chill out in your own Tree house. Never experienced having a Tree House before? Drop by and visit the Boy On Tree House and see what its like to live on a tree.
  • 11. Active perception (Nature) Non verbal messages (Back to nature) Nonverbal cues (Ladder) Nonverbal codes (Body movement and facial expression) Stereotype (Ladder is for us to climb up)
  • 12. Hand with Strings Painted by : Mono Wow!!! That is the first word I would like to use to express my feeling towards this amazing mural. Creepy feeling crawled into my mind when I looked at it. Just imagine your fingers are tied with those thick strings. How hurting it is!!! So lets try this out by making those creepy faces!
  • 13. Active perception (Suffer) Non verbal messages (Creepy feeling) Non verbal cues (Strings) Non verbal codes (hand gesture) Difficulty of interpreting code
  • 14. Bed Painted by: Andrew T Crum Bed, a warm, leisure and comfort place to lay on. When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be aliveto breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love the beauty of nature and the softness of the ocean breezethen make that day count!
  • 15. Subjective perception (Fantasy and dreamy) Non verbal messages (Relax and rest for a while) Stereotype (Bed is for rest and sleep) Nonverbal cues (Shoes) First impression (Comfort)
  • 16. Murals Without Props
  • 17. Roti Uncle Painted by: Chekri Mansor Recollect that all to familiar honk as the bread uncle rides around your neck of the woods? What did you use to buy from the goodies hung behind his motorbike aside from a couple of loaves of bread? In Malaysia, the Roti Uncle plays a similar part to the ice cream motorbike that children flock over to once they hear the familiar honk coming from the vehicle.
  • 18. Active perception (It is a small trade) Perceptual checking Non verbal messages (selling breads around an area) Nonverbal codes (Body language and facial expression) First impression (The seller is friendly but clumsy)