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2. MURAL ART 1:JAW DROPPING BEAUTY 3. 1.ARTIST BACKGROUNDThe artist behind thepainting Jaw DroppingBeauty is Chua Chi Yan.She came second in thePainting on Sitecategory in Laman SeniSeksyen 7 and iscurrently a designstudent in TaylorsUniversity. 4. 2.DESCRIPTION OF THE MURAL ARTJaw Dropping Beauty is a mural painting that aims toopens the public eye to the endangerment of hippopotamusas poachers hunt them down for their teeth, the newestalternative to ivory. 5. HOW Does THE ARTISTPOTRAYsHIS MESSAGE ?BY CREATING A PLAYFUL AND FUN MURAL PAINTING that grabspeoples attention and have them to appreciate thebeauty of animals and not abuse them for our own good.the artist also uses augmented reality effect to make themural more interactive and colourful. 6. 3.The concepts1.closure- we see the empty spaceand automatically our ourminds merges that void into theartwork itself.!3.PERCEPTION-THE Large,friendly shape,intruiging fontand smartly used extrusion makes it fun &interactive.! 4.conflict-the large comical artworkis in conflict with the message.meaning,jaw dropping and the hippos jaw.! 2.SELECTIVE ATTENTION5.language-The language conveys bothliteral and metaphorical-The Mural focuses our attention to thegaping mouth,which is where the focus of theartwork lies. 7. MURAL ART 2:QUIT SMOKING 8. 1.ARTIST BACKGROUNDThe artist behind the 3Dinstallation Quit Smokingis Syafiq Rasyid BinAbdul Jalil. !!Syafiq Rashyid AbdulJalils creativity in his3D installation pieceQuit Smoking earnedhim the top spot andRM8,000 prize money.!!! 9. 2.Description of the Mural ArtQuit Smoking is an 3D installation piece that aims to open upthe smokers eye as to how harmful smoking is and how itcan affects a smokers life and even worse, their loved ones. 10. by creating a 3D lung ashtrayplaced on the wall that depictsthe repulsing image of theirlung every time a smoker finishtheir cigarettes.HOW does THE ARTIST POTRAYHIS MESSAGE ? 11. 3.THE CONCEPTS1.subjective perception-the color black here indicatesthe lung failure of a smokerwhich is darkened by thenicotine and tobaccowithin the cigarettes.!2. non-verbal messages-The other half failed lungdepicts how cigarettes will causefatal destruction to a smokers healthand could ruined his life.3.conflictthe contrast between thehealthy and the damaged lungcreates a conflict between betweennon-smokers and smokers.4.mass communication-the clear and distinctive messageis being projected in a public spaceto the masses.5.intercultural communication-The contrast of the smoker andthe non smoker create a sense ofdialogue between a non-smokerand a smokers culture. 12. MURAL ART 3:SINGLE MOTHER 13. 1.ARTIST BACKGROUNDThe artist behind the mural paintingis Kenji Chai who was born andraised in the Sandakan,Sabah andcurrently lives in Kuala Lumpur.!His works includes the use of cute !and vibrant characters with his mainmedium being graffiti combiningelements of pop culture,fictionalcensorship and a positive mentalattitude,in all he creates layeredscenes of mischief. 14. 2.DESCRIPTION OF THE MURAL ARTSingle Mother is a mural painting aims to potray a mothers unconditionallove to provide the best for her child despite the high living cost. besides that,the artwork also introduces the malaysian culture as well as the origin oforang utan. 15. HOW does THE ARTIST POTRAYHIS MESSAGE ?BY creating a painting of an orang utancarrying her offspring while trying tosurvive in the high cost of the concretejunge, metaphorically potraying thestruggle and burden of a single motherin malaysia. 16. 3.the concepts 1.physical appearance-The mother orang utan has an expressionof fierceness mixed with determination on her face.As she reaches for the bananas,the disorganized array of baby needs arecontributing points of emphasisto her physical appearance.2.movement-The body posture such as the outstretched armand scattered objects create a sense of dynamism.!3.space and proximityA sombre mood conveyed through faded coloursand serious expressions of the orang utan.-The mother and child orang utan are huddled close together,signifying a close maternal relationship.4.conflict5.perception-Depicts the battle of a single mother against theeveryday challenge of raising a child in an urban environment.!