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Teknik-teknik menjawab soalan Bahagian B untuk mata pelajaran Sains sekolah rendah.

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  • 1. PAPER FORMATBILINGUAL (ENGLISH OR B. MALAYSIA)SECTION TYPES OFNUMBER OFTIME TOTAL QUESTIONSQUESTIONS ALLOCATED MARKS (%)A Objective:Multiple Choice 30 45 minutes 30 60questionsCombination ofMultiple choiceB Structured 4-530 minutes 20 40 Total 50 100

2. OBJECTIVES QUESTIONS Element 2 Element 1Interpretation ExtrapolationFactTerminologyPrinciple Understanding Knowledge methodTranslation Classifying sequenceElement 3Application 3. Multiple choiceWhich of the following is not true about force?Yang manakah antara berikut tidak benar tentang daya? A. Force can be seenDaya boleh dilihat B. Effect of force can be feltKesan daya boleh dirasa C. Force can change the shape of objectDaya boleh mengubah bentuk objek D. Force can change the motion direction of objectDaya boleh mengubah arah pergerakan objek 4. Combination of multiple choice questionsThe babies of these animals look like their parent exceptAnak anak haiwan ini merupai ibunya mereka kecuali A I and II only B I and III only C II and IV only D III and IV only 5. Subjective Question1. The following information shows the number of tigers in the jungle. Maklumat di bawah menunjukkan bilangan harimau di dalam sebuah hutan.Year20042005 20062007TahunThe number of tiger 7 6 54Bilangan harimaua. What is the trend of change in the number of tigers from the year 2004 to 2007? Apakah pola perubahan harimau dalam hutan dari Tahun 2004 to 2007?Decreasingb. Give one reason (inference) for your answer in (a) Beri satu alasan (inferen) bagi jawapan anda di (a) Illegal hunting to get their skin ( English) Diburu secara haram untuk dapatkan kulit (BM) Diburu secara haram to get their kulit 6. Subjective questionsAn orange is left on the table and its conditions are observed every week.Sebiji limau diletakkan di atas meja dan keadaannya diperhatikan setiap minggu.a) Give one reason (inference) for the change in the conditions of the orange. Berikan satu sebab (inferens) tentang perubahan keadaan limau tersebut. Fungi grow on itb) Based on the above information, Berdasarkan maklumat di atas,i) What is changed (Manipulated Variable)? Apa yang diubah (Pembolehubah Manipulasi)? Number of weeks ................................................ ii) What is observed (Responding Variable)? Apa yang diperhatikan (Pembolehubah Bergerakbalas). Keadaan buah oren/The condition of orange ...................................................................................................................... 7. Subjective Questiona. Observationb. Inferencec. Predictiond. Hypothesise. Variables: i. What to change {manipulative} ii. What to measure {responding} iii. What to keep the same {control}f. Interpreting data:i. Aimii. Data Relationshipiii. Trend / Patterniv. Conclusion 8. ConstructFACT: Recall information that you have learnt. The microorganism above is a____________A. FungiB. ProtozoaC. BacteriaD. virus 9. Construct TERMIMOLOGY: Explain the uses of term .Object Q is an opaque material.QWhich of the following describe object Q ?A. The material does not allow light pass throughB. The material allows only some light to pass throughC. The material allows all light pass throughD. The material allows only the brightest light to pass through 10. ConstructMETHOD: Handle things, method of investigation orprocedure used. A group of students is investigating a plant growth. Which of the following should be done?I Measure the height of the plantII Count the number of rootsIII Count the number of flowersIV Measure the size of the stem A. I and III only B. I and IV only C. II and IV only D. III and IV only 11. Construct CLASSIFYING: Group things together sets and subsets.1.Which of the characteristics are suitable for the animals shown below ? Having a thick furWallowing in mudABCD 12. ConstructSEQUENCE: Arrange things accordingly. The diagram shows a few stages of life cycle of a frog. . L MNO PArrange the stages to show the life cycle of a frog.A. M NP LOB. O MN LPC. L MN OPD. M PL NO 13. Mercury - MyMercuryVenus - veryEarth - ExcellentMars- MotherJupiter - JustSaturn- ServeUranus- UsNeptune - NicePluto - Pizza 14. ConstructTRANSLATION: Ability to translate through observationfrom one form to another The diagram shows water droplets on the surface of a glassWaterdropletsWhat process has taken place?A. FreezingB. BoilingC. CondensationD. Evaporation 15. PRINCIPLE: Knowledge of main ideas, used forConstructarranging or formation of phenomena. The diagram shows a dented can after being hitWhat is explained from his observation?A.Force can be seenB.Force can move a stationary objectC.Force can change the motion of an objectD.Force can change the shape of an object 16. Construct INTERPRETING: Giving new ideas or new information without changing the original context. Graph, Table chart, Picture Time (min) 0 246810 Temperature ( oC) 26 32 38 46 55 70 What conclusion can be made? AThe water is boiling BThe water is being cooled CThe water is being heated DThe water is being expose to sunlight 17. ConstructEXTRAPOLATION :Making forecast from data or graph on what might happen The figure shows a tree in a field. N sunlightW E S Which of the following show the correct shadow with its time?A.B.C. D. 3.00 pm 7.00 am 5.00 pm11.00 am 18. APPLICATION: Solve problems to new situations byConstructapplying science knowledgeThe hot coffee in the Diagram gets cooler faster ifI the coffee is stirredII the coffee is coveredIII the coffee is exposed underneath the fanA I onlyB I and II onlyC II and III onlyD I and III only 19. Science Process Skills O bse Orv ngbserviingInferenceInferenceablesariiables V ar V Predict Predictthes s Hypothesiis HypoInterpretInterpret datdataain rategies g sttrategiesAnswerring sAnswe 20. Study GuideObservationObservation Looking forinformation State what you see in the picture, table, graph the differences the changes occurredObservationQuestion Key Information State one observation.given What can you say . What can you see from the .. Answer Key Write the changes or differences in the diagrams / graphs / tables eg: The size of the plants in Pot A is bigger than the plant in pot B. The poles of a magnet attract many paper clips. The number of animals decrease. 21. Observation Looking for informationcupboarddifferencesPQState one observation based on the picturePlant Q stayed healthy and Plant P is wilted. 22. ObservationLooking for information 200519952000 Changes occurreda. State one observation about the number of trees in the forest every 5 years. The number of trees in the forest increase every 5 years. 23. 1. The diagram below show three towels of the same size and thicknessdried under the hot sun. Towel R is not folded. Towel S is folded into two and towel T is folded into four.Towel R Towel STowel T TowelR ST Time taken for towel to dry ( minutes )30 60 120( a ) What can you say about the time taken for towel R to drycompared to towels S and T ? Towel R took the fastest time to dry compared to towel S and T 24. Inference Inference ControlledExplain your observation.Give reason based on your observation.Question KeyInferenceAny logic inference isGive your inference based on acceptedExplain you observationGive reason for your answer in ..State the possible reason for your observationWhat can you infer.Answer Key Plant A wilted because of not enough sunlight. because it didnt have enough.. action of bacteria. 25. Give a reason why the orange rottten after two weeks?Because microorganism / bacteria / fungi can cause food to spoil 26. ObservationLooking for information 200519952000a. State one observation about the number of trees in the forest every 5 years.The number of trees in the forest increase every 5years. b. Give two reasons based on your answer in ( a) Replanting of trees Develop forest reserve Inference Any logic inference is accepted 27. Observation InferenceInformation givenControlledMETHOD P METHOD QRahmat is carrying out an investigation by pulling a load using simple machine.Rahmat finds it is easier to pull the load using method Q than method P. State an inference based on your observation Method Q is easier because it has incline plane / plank 28. Figure shows two different blocks were pushed along on themirror surface .Wooden block PWooden block Q50g 100gObservation: The wooden block P moves farther than the wooden block QWhy wooden block P moves farther than the wooden block Q?Because block P lighter than block QInformation givenblock P smaller than block Qblock Q heavier than block Pblock Q bigger than block P 29. A B1. a. State one observation based on this experimentMagnet A attract more paper clips than magnet B b. What can you infer from the observation in (1a)Magnet B has been heated Inference Any logic inference is has been knocked many times accepted has been dropped many times 30. VariablesThe things you select in a fair test / experimentWhat will you change (manipulated) [W2C]What will you measure (responding) [W2M]What must you keep the same to make a fair test (control) [W2S]Question Key Based on the investigation/experiment state the following (a) What is changed (manipulated)[W2C] (b) What is kept the same ( control /constant) [W2S] (c) What is measured (responding)[W2M]Answer Key Parameter size of the + object ice-cube amount of water presence of sunlight type of plant 31. 1.2.3. 32. APAI ESTATE JOHANS ESTATEAVERAGE PER TREEAVERAGE PER TREE100 MANGOES 200 MANGOESa. Based on the investigation state the following iwhat is changed:The distance between each mango treeNumber of mangoes // fruits ii what is measured:Size of the estate // iii what is kept the same:Amount of fertilizer //Type of tree 33. Many paper clips strongReason ( W2C )observation ( W2M )Few paper clipsweak Number ofThe strength of the paper clip magnet W2M number of paper clipsW2C- the strength of magnetW2S - Size of the magnet 34. How to identify variables from the tables of resultDistance of