Beginning Of Cold War

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  • The Cold War [1945-1991]: An Ideological StruggleSoviet & Eastern Bloc Nations [Iron Curtain]US & the Western DemocraciesGOAL spread world-wide CommunismGOAL Containment of Communism & the eventual collapse of the Communist world. [George Kennan] METHODOLOGIES:Espionage [KGB vs. CIA]Arms Race [nuclear escalation]Ideological Competition for the minds and hearts of Third World peoples [Communist govt. & command economy vs. democratic govt. & capitalist economy] proxy warsBi-Polarization of Europe [NATO vs. Warsaw Pact]

  • The Division of Berlin

  • The Bipolarization of Europe

  • George Kennan: CONTAINMENT Goals Means Actual ApplicationRestoration of the balance of powerReduction of Soviet ability to project outside power.Encouragement of self-confidence in nations threatened by Soviet expansion.Exploitation of tensions in international communism.Long-term program of U.S. economic assistance [Marshall Plan]Cooperation with communist regimes; [supporting Titoism in Yugoslavia]


  • Modification of the Soviet concept of international relations.Negotiating settlement of outstanding differences.Using carrots & sticks (rewards & punishments to induce behavior); containing Germany with an embrace and Russia at arms length. George Kennan: CONTAINMENT Goals Means Actual Application

  • National Defense Budget [1940-1964]

  • Ruled by Japan from 1910-WWIIAfter WWII divided at 38th Parallel, Korea not part of decisionSoviet-controlled North & U.S.-controlled SouthDid not hold free electionsEscalation & border skirmishesW/ absence of Soviet Union, UN passed resolution for military interventionMostly U.S. troops (more than 80%)20 other countries provided troops

  • Korean War [1950-1953]

  • Korean War [1950-1953]Syngman RheeKim Il-SungDomino Theory

  • The Shifting Map of Korea [1950-1953]

  • 1945End of WWII1946Atomic testing in Bikini Islands; Kennans Long Telegram1947Truman Doctrine1948Truman was election surprisingly; Berlin Airlift1949Stalin ends blockade; Soviets test atomic bomb1950Korean War begins1952Eisenhower elected President1953Korean War ends