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    CHRYSTEL WAUTIER - The Stolen Book

    CHRYSTEL WAUTIER - Cdric Raymond - Lorenzo Di Maio Jacques Pili - Jrme Klein - Michel Seba

    Singer-Songwriter, Chrystel Wautier is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful voices of the actual European Jazz circuit.Granddaughter of Ukrainian immigrants, Chrystel was born in the Hainaut region in Belgium. From the age of six she was initiated to Gospel by her father pastor and musician. Nourished by gospel influences, her tune bloomed with Brazilian and pop inspirations. It stands committed to the Jazz philosophy: innovative, unexpected and open-minded.In 2016, Chrystel Wautier was invited to perform in the land of her ancestors, and more precisely, at the Lviv Opera on the occasion of de 25th anniversary Ukrainian independency. An overwhelming travel which has been the trigger of a long work leading to this new intimate album.Just after her return from Ukraine, Chrystel heard on a radio programme a young writer talking about a strange phenomenon: the book thieves in the libraries.Do the people have no access to Culture? Or cant they recognize value of the artists work? The story of those stolen books rapidly became a second intense and heady reflexion. Therefore The Stolen Book is the result of this double questioning. The question asked by each person part of the second-generation immigrant: Who am I and where do I come from?The Stolen Book tells about her own stolen book and story, the weight of being part of this second-generation, the research of our own identity.



    ENRICO PIERANUNZI - Andr Ceccarelli - Diego Imbert

    Pianist, composer, arranger, born in Rome in 1949, Enrico Pieranunzi is one of the most famous and popular musicians of the international jazz scene.His formative years embraced both classical and jazz piano. Emerging in theearly 70s, his lyrical approach quickly brought him to the forefront of the European scene and, in 1984, he formed a trio with Marc Johnson and Joey Baron, the first of several outstanding groups with American musicians this trio was said to be one of the very top tier trios wor-king today by the famous on line magazine All About Jazz. Pieranunzi created a piano style of his own in which jazz and classical languages are unconsciously and organically interwoven and he is,furthermore, a true original and a fine composer.His new album is named: Mnage Trois. Mnage Trois because - in that album - Enrico Pieranunzi harmoniously-succeeds in making live together his wife (the classical music) live and his mistress (the jazz). Mnage Trois also because Enrico Pieranunzi recorded it in trio with his faithful accomplices: Andr Ceccarelli (drums) & Diego Imbert (bass). On this all-too-rare intensity album, Enrico Pieranunzi jazzify with elegance & lyricism great works of the romantic classical repertoire demonstrating that majors artists such as Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Maurice Schumann, Gabriel Faur, Frantz Liszt, Darius Milhaud, Bach, could have been fantastic jazzmen.

    BON1609011 CD - PPD : 12,50

    BON1602011 CD - PPD : 12,50


    1 CD - PPD : 12,50

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    BON0911011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1010021 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1509011 CD - PPD : 12,95


    1 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1211011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1410011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1703011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1104021 CD - PPD : 12,95


    Lo Sidran

    BON1209011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    Ben Sidran

    Matthieu Bor

    Carmine Ioanna

    BON1304011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    Emmanuel Bex Nico Morelli Mike Ladd


    1 CD - PPD : 12,95

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    BON1704011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON0610031 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON0602012 CD - PPD : 13,50

    BON1105021 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1505011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1403011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    Olivier Ker Ourio

    Musica Nuda


    1 CD - PPD : 12,95


    1 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1103011 CD - PPD : 12,95

    BON1704021 CD - PPD : 12,95

    Nico Morelli - Aldo Romano Michel Benita

    Christophe Wallemme

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    Borderlands Trio, the collective effort of bassist Stephan Crump, pianist Kris Davis and drummer Eric McPherson, has luck on its side. Less than a year old, its chemistry is unusually deep. And while I dont often use the term, its also a band that boasts a bit of magic. ...The album title Asteroida is the Latin term for starfish a creature that can regenerate parts of itself whenever need be. That idea resonates with Crump because of the trios abi- lity to steadily develop new landscapes, and the Stephan Crump reminds that the word starfish conjures notions of both the ocean and outer space. Gravity, magnetism, con- stellations, nature. With this band, were always expanding and contracting, recontextualizing whats around us and heading for the instantly inevitable....


    TOBIAS MEINHART - Silent Dreamer

    Tobias Meinhart

    As implied by the albums title, Silent Dreamer is intended to recapture the essence of the unconscious imagination: both ethereal daydreams and bitter nightmares, as well as all the invisible worlds that live between the two. Tobias about his new album: When improvising and composing, I like to think of myself as a SOUND-PAINTER adding strokes to a canvas and bringing it to life.ENJA9754

    1CD - PPD : 12,95

    1 CD - PPD : 12,95

    1 CD - PPD : 12,95IntaktCD2161 CD - PPD : 12,95

    IntaktCD1841 CD - PPD : 12,95

    IntaktCD2491 CD - PPD : 12,95



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    VARIOUS COMPOSERS - His 19 Finest

    Johnny Windhurst

    New York-born Johnny Windhurst (1926-1981) was playing alongside Sidney Bechet as a teenager, apparently destined for jazz immortality, and he was among the most highly regarded of the Eddie Condon school, one whose skill and imagination was spoken of with awe by fellow musicians. Yet somehow his career didnt take off and he eventually opted to play in local obscurity. This collection of his rare studio recordings, plus a few spectacular live concert broadcasts, is a revelation, demonstrating the artistry of a true jazz master.

    RTR4316 - 1H16


    HANS HASSLER - Wie Die Zeit Hinter Mir Her


    Hans Hassler, born 1945 in Graubnden, East Switzerland, is the true Swiss king of accordion. Hassler inspires the listener with his playful virtuosity, a good sense of humour and a musical imagination without borders. For Hans Hassler, performing on a variety of stages, to return to the studio as a soloist means adding something significant to anything which has already been played. It doesnt necessarily have to be new or different; it has to be substantial. Hans Hassler has retained something of the originality of his playing. He combines this elemental, physical and spontaneously deployed music-making power with a finely tuned sense for artistic form.There are ethereal lone notes and powerful clusters of tones, and altogether a great deal of dynamics, scurrility, humour, drama and thoughtfulness. That, if we wish to name it, is Hassler music.

    IntaktCD2881CD - PPD : 12,95

    1 CD - PPD : 12,95

    1 CD - PPD : 7,85


    1CD - PPD : 12,95


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    VARIOUS COMPOSERS - His 25 Finest

    Dick Cathcart

    David Matthews and Peter Sheppard Skrved have been collaborating on a series of works for violin for many years now, in a partnership that has resulted in over 30 works, from string quartets to many pieces for violin alone.

    RTR4308 1 CD - PPD : 7,85