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  • 1. South Asia TravelogueThe Home of Mount Everest

2. BhutanKingdom of Bhutan 3. King & Queen Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck isthe "Dragon Queen" of Bhutan. King Jigme Khesar NamgyelWangchuck is the son of JigmeSingye Wangchuck and the 5th andcurrent reigning Dragon King ofthe Kingdom of Bhutan. He becameKing on 14 December 2006. 4. Tourist SpotsZangtho Pelri Lhakhang Situated in city centre, thissmall temple represents theheaven of Guru Rinpoche.On ground floor there arestatues of eightmanifestations of GuruRinpoche and paintings onBuddha's life while the nextfloor contains eightBodhisattavas and statues ofAvalokiteshvara andShabdrung NgawangNamgyal. On top floor, thereis a main statue of Amitabha. 5. Tourist SpotsGangtey GoempaPerched on a small hill that rises from thevalley floor, the Gangtey Monastery is theonly Nyingmapa monastery on the westernside of the Black MountainsGangtey valley,Bhutan and also the biggest Nyingmapamonastery in Bhutan. The Monastery issurrounded by a large village inhabitedmainly by the families of the 140 Gomchenswho take care of the Monastery. Gangteywas founded by Pema Trinley, the grand sonof Pema Lingpa, the famous Nyingmapasaint of Bhutan. In 1613, Pema Trinleyestablish the monastery and became the firstGangtey Tulku. The religious traditions ofPema Lingpa still taught there. The secondTulku, Tenzin Legpa Dondrup (1645 to 1726),enhanced the size of Gangtey while keepingup good relations with Drukpas, and rebuiltthe monastery in the form of a Dzong. 6. Emblem of Bhutan"The national emblem, contained in acircle, is composed of a double diamond-thunderbolt(dorje) placed above a lotus,surmounted by a jewel and framed by twodragons. The thunderbolt represents theharmony between secular and religiouspower. The lotus symbolizes purity; thejewel expresses sovereign power; and thetwo dragons, male and female, stand forthe name of the country which theyproclaim with their great voice, thethunder. 7. BangladeshPeoples Republic of Bangladesh 8. Tourist SpotsChittagong With a picturesque neighborhood oflarge hill forests and lakes. Chittagongis a good vacation spot. It is the secondlargest city of Bangladesh and a busyinternational sea port. Its green hillsand forests, broad fabulous beachesand fine cool climate all the time attractholiday makers. It combines the humpof an unquiet seaport with the pleasureof a charming hill town with itsundulating topography. Chittagong isthe country's chief port and is the mainsite for the organization of heavy,medium and light industries.Bangladesh's only steel mill and oilfactory are also located here.Chittagong is joined with Dhaka by rail,road, air and water. It is also linked withCox's Bazaar and Calcutta by Air. 9. Tourist SpotsRangamati Road amid green fields and zigzag hillswill take you to Rangamati, theheadquarters of Rangamati Hill Districtwhich is a wonderful depository ofscenic splendid with flora and fauna ofdifferent descriptions. The township islocated on the western bank of theKaptai Lake. Rangamati is a favoriteholiday resort because of its attractivelandscape, scenic beauty, lake, colorfultribes (Chakma, Marma etc.) its floraand fauna, tribal museum, hangingbridge, homespun textile products,ivory jewelry and the tribal men andwomen who fashion them. For touriststhe attraction of Rangamati are many,tribal life, fishing, speed boat cruising,water skiing, hiking, bathing or justenjoying nature as it is. 10. IndiaRepublic of India 11. Tourist Spots Agras Taj Mahal is one ofthe most famous buildingsin the world, themausoleum of ShahJahans favorite wife,Mumtaz Mahal. It is one ofthe New Seven Wonders ofthe world, and one of threeWorld Heritage Sites inAgra. 12. Tourist Spots Goa is Famous for itspristine beaches, in fact 90%of all the tourism in Goahappens only for its beautifulbeaches in Coastal Areas.Goa has two main touristseasons: winter andsummer. In the winter time,tourists from abroad (mainlyEurope) come to Goa toenjoy the splendid climate.In the summertime (which, inGoa, is the rainy season),tourists from across Indiacome to spend the holidays. 13. MaldivesRepublic of Maldives 14. Tourist SpotsCoral Islands of MaldivesBeautiful Maldives is homeof approx 2000 apricot reefswhich makes scuba divingand snorkeling at Maldivesan acclaimed experience,These coral reefs are homeof bright fishes and addedMarine life. Exploring theseblissful coral reefs in thisbeautiful island country willoffer the tourist a delightfuland the most uniqueexperience. 15. Tourist SpotsMaldives Adventures ScubaDivingMaldives Diving is popular allover the World. November toMay is the most recommendedmonths for Diving in Maldives.Maldives offer different kind ofdiving. The coral reefs aroundthe islands make interesting forScuba diving in Maldives. 16. NepalKingdom of Nepal 17. Tourist SpotsKathmanduKathmandu is Nepal's largestcity and capital of Nepal.Kathmandu is situated in a valleyin the heart of Nepal. Kathmanduis famous for many Buddhisttemples and in it, mostly from the17th century. One example is theKathmandu's Durbar Square.Buildings that are openadmiration in Nepal as a touristattraction was built in the 16thcentury, contains a marvelousroyal palace and many templesbuilt in traditional pagoda style. 18. Tourist SpotsNagarkotNagarkot is a popular tourist spotin Nepal. Nagarkot is located 32km east of Kathmandu at analtitude of 2175 masl. Panoramaof the main peak in the easternNepal Himalaya, as well asSagarmatha (Mount Everest),can be seen from Nagarkot.Himalayan peaks like Manaslu,Ganesh Himal, Langan, ChobaBhamre and Gaurisankar, allclearly seen from Nagarkot. 19. PakistanIslam Republic of Pakistan 20. Tourist SpotsFairy MeadowsHome to the great killermountain, fairy meadows is aparadise on earth, for the avidphotographer it offers the mostscenic locations, for thehardcore adventurer this is thebase camp of Nanga Parbatmountain. It is an extremelypeaceful place and has anincredible view. 21. Tourist SpotsCholistan DesertLocated in Punjab it is a placethat is famous for its brightlydressed people and rich culture.People of Cholistan live a simplelife. They sing and dance tocompensate for the desolatewilderness around them. Sincethe desert offers no colours, theywear vibrant combinations ofwarm colours and decorate mudhouse sand domestic animalswith these colours. Snakecharmers (jogis) are the realtravellers of this lovely desert. 22. Sri LankaDem. Soc. Republic of Sri Lanka 23. Tourist SpotsAnuradhapuraAnuradhapura is one of the ancientcapitals of Sri Lanka, famous for itswell-preserved ruins of ancient Lankancivilization. From the 4th century BC, itwas the capital of Sri Lanka until thebeginning of the 11th century AD.During this period it remained one ofthe most stable and durable centers ofpolitical power and urban life in SouthAsia. The ancient city, consideredsacred to the Buddhist world, is todaysurrounded by monasteries coveringan area of over sixteen square miles(40 km). Anuradhapura is alsosignificant in Hindu legend as thefabled capital of the Asura King Ravanain the Ramayana. 24. Tourist SpotsArugam BayArugam Bay is a bay situated on the IndianOcean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka'ssoutheast coast. The bay is located 320 kmdue east of Colombo. It is a popular surfingand tourist destination. Due to its popularityamong low budget tourists, the area hasmanaged a slow recovery. By privateinitiatives only. The main road through townhas still not been repaved. Work is inprogress to improve road access to the area.But in Arugam Bay itself, little has changed.As late as May, 2009 no help has beenreceived from any official source orinternational organizations. An exception isuncoordinated support for fishing folk as wellas many school rebuilding programs,resulting in a continuation to provide onlyseparatist schools for each community. 25. Bangladesh CuisineThe name is derived from thePersian word bery(n) whichmeans "fried" or "roasted.Biryani was believed to havebeen invented in the kitchen ofMughal Emperors. It is verypopular in the Indiansubcontinent and is a keyelement of the South Asiancuisine. Hyderabad, Malabar,Delhi/Agra, Dhaka, Kashmir,Kolkata, Lucknow and Lahore,are the main centres of biryanicuisine. 26. Bhutans CuisineEma Datshi is among the mostfamous dishes in Bhutanesecuisine, recognized as anational dish of Bhutan. It ismade from chili peppers andcheese; "ema" means "chili"and "datshi" means "cheese inthe Dzongkha language ofBhutan. 27. Indias CuisineCuisine of Andhra Pradesh is a blend of Telugucuisine along with Hyderabadi cuisine (also knownas Nizami cuisine). The food is rich in spices, forwhich it is popular among south Indian cuisine.Riceis the staple food of Andhra people. Starch isconsumed with a variety of curries and lentil soupsor broths. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods areboth popular. Seafood is common in the coastalregion of the state.Hyderabadi cuisine includespopular delicacies such as Biryani, HyderabadiHaleem, Baghara baingan and kheema. Variouspickles are part of local cuisine, popular amongthose are avakaya (a pickle made from raw mango)and gongura (a pickle made from red sorrel leaves).Yogurt is a common addition to meals, as a way oftempering spiciness. Breakfast items like dosa,vada are influenced by spices native to AndhraPradesh. 28. Nepals CuisineDal bhat is a traditional Nepali staplefood consisting of steamed rice andcooked lentil soup dal. It is generallyeaten twice a day: mid-morning andearly evening. Dal bhat from Kavreand Ramechhap (collage) Bhatmeans boiled rice. At higherelevations where rice does not growwell, other grain such as makai(maize), fapar (buckwheat), jau(barley) or kodo (millet) may besubstituted in a cooked preparationcalled ' dhido or "atho. Bhat may besupplemented with roti (rounds ofunleavened bread). 29. Pakistans CuisineNihari is an Indian, Pakistani andBangladeshi dish. It is a stewconsisting of slow cooked

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