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Latin AMERICAN REVOLUTIONS. Revolution in haiti. You should remember this from Napoleon… First Latin American territory to free itself from European rule Toussaint L’Overture – leader of the revolution 1804 – declared independence. The divisions in Spanish colonial society in 1789. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Latin AMERICAN REVOLUTIONSRevolution in haitiYou should remember this from NapoleonFirst Latin American territory to free itself from European ruleToussaint LOverture leader of the revolution1804 declared independenceAfter LOvertures death Haiti crumbled into despotism

The divisions in Spanish colonial society in 1789Do you remember the Spanish colonial system we talked about when we learned about the Atlantic World???Latin america sweeps to freedomLatin America sharply divided into classes based on birth.Peninsulares and Creoles dominated and controlled wealth and powerViceroys colonial officersCreoles = least oppressed BUT they could not hold high office. Many were educated in Europe THEREFORE they brought back Enlightenment ideas WHICH brought on a revolution in Latin AmericaHow Spain will affect spanish americaThe last straw was Napoleons invasion of Spain.When he deposed the Spanish king, the Creoles felt no loyalty to a French king.Creoles argued the power now shifted to the people.Even after Napoleon was defeated and the Spanish king was brought back, it was too lateProcessingAccording to the social hierarchy, who held the most power in Spanish America?

What factors caused the revolutions in Spanish America? (Give me two!)Spanish americaSimn Bolivar wealthy Venezuelan creoleBelieves in equality for allHelped declare independence from SpainDecisive victory in Colombia1830 Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador win independence

Hidalgo calls for an end to spanish ruleSo far we have seen how creoles led revolutions.In Mexico, the Native Americans and mestizos play a roleMiguel Hidalgo priest who calls for Mexicos independence movementFirmly believed in Enlightenment ideasHis uprising will be defeated in 1811Creoles did not support mestizo uprisingMexicos independenceAfter a liberal group was put in power, the creoles feared a loss of privilegesCreoles decide to revolt!1821 - Mexico claims independenceBefore the Mexican revolution, Central America had been governed from Mexico After Mexicos independence several Central American states declared their independence from Spain (and Mexico).brazilMost unique independence movement in Latin America because there was no violent uprisingsAfter Napoleon invaded Portugal, the royal family fled to Brazil.1822 Creoles demand independence from PortugalDom Pedro signs a petition officially freeing BrazilWon its independence through a bloodless revolutionLatin america 1800-1830Latin America, 1800Latin America, 1830

Effects of latin american revolutionsIndependence brought an increase in povertyDisrupted tradeDevastated citiesGeography prevents a united Latin AmericaGovernment Colonial govts same as home country govt = Latin Americans had no experience w/self govt, unfamiliar with democratic principles/practices

Effects of latin american revolutionsSocial OrderRigid social/economic/political order gave too much power to Creoles, not enough to the mestizosCatholic ChurchStrong influence prevented true separation of church and state Economy not diverse based mainly on mining of gold and silver

Monroe doctrine The Monroe Doctrine was issued by President James Monroe (U.S.) in 1823. Latin American nations were acknowledged to be independent. The United States would regard as a threat to its own peace and safety any attempt by European powers to impose their system on any independent state in the Western Hemisphere.