What was the impact of the latin american revolutions ?

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History project - converted to powerpoint from Iworks Keynote, minor photo problems.Mostly private photos.

Text of What was the impact of the latin american revolutions ?


2. RECAP! Decline 3. Haitian Revolution 1791-1804 Toussaints Louverture The United States appear to be destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty Simon Bolivar San Martin 4. 1819 - 1831 5. Alabamamaps Borders fixed after 1850 Inter-American stability 6. Slavery Abolished California TexasConstitutions British pressure 7. American - Mexican war Texas: Annex us! 8. AMERICA S BACKYARD Panama City 9. Banana republics Hero Bad guy 10. Jos Mart, Havana Precious Cuba Spain clung on 3 independence wars 11. Spanish drawing 1896 12. HAITI Dessalines Louverture Freedom of religion Economic struggles First and only successful slave rebellion All black French land forbidden 13. Library, Buenos Aires Culture Diversity 14. San Jos , Costa Rica Religious freedom 15. Education & Health University of Havana, Cuba 16. SpainU.S. & Britain Foreign Impacts 17. Buckingham Palace, London Invisible empire Spanish America is free, and if we do not mismanage our affairs badly, she is English. Canning, British Foreign Secretary Tax free 18. Economic impacts Commercial development Commercial development Continued economical dependence on west Foreign loans Mining and natural resources extraction (indigenous people) Haiti: Debt to France - repaid in 1947 19. Domestic political impacts Leadership: Caudillos replace viceroys Centralization: Bolivars inheritance Regulate schools, newspapers. Power instability: liberals, conservatives, military Tensions: political lite - masses Fragility: Foreign impact 20. Social Impacts Bloody wars of Independence Creoles replaces Spanish Poor still poor Social Reforms Unity Liberty Immigration 21. Long-term impacts Dissatisfaction contributed to creation of socialist movements which appealed to the masses Poverty - lack of education Instability - New revolutions U.S. support of oppressive regimes Foreign loans - foreign control Centralization: Rafael Correa Realization that colonization is a loosing game. 22. It is difficult to maintain them in a prosperous state... It s a burden to the mother country Napoleon III about colonies to British ambassador 1858 Oops - We colonized again... What now? Hyperactive officers stationed in Africa and South-East Asia 23. Fidel & Raul Castro Evo Morales Hugo Chavez Rafael Correa 24. SLAVERY SPAIN OUT CUBAN EXCEPTION Caudillos UNITY