Baron Hirsch Program Guide 2014-2015/5775

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Program Guide for the Baron Hirsch Congregation of Memphis, TN for the years 2014-2015 (5775).

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  • 1. Program Guide 2014-2015 / 5775

2. IN MEMORY OFFrances and Bennie Mendelson, AHThe most loving, helpful, considerate, people I haveever known. My parents instilled hope and kindness inour family every day. They both taught and inspired byexample and generated so much goodness and strengthwithout ever having to mention those words. It was ablessing more than we can ever express for them to beour dear parents and grandparents.Paul Mendelson FamilyA crown of a good name surpasses them all.Pirkei Avot, Chapter 4, Mishnah 17 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSDedication 2Welcome from the Senior Rabbi 4Synagogue Directory 5EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTEScholars-in-Residence 6Weekly Classes/Daily Services 8Annual Events/Special Classes 10Israel 12PRAYER & HOLIDAY PROGRAMSShabbat 13Holiday Programs 14Shabbat 2014 16PROGRAMMINGAnnual Events 17Clubs 18Israeli Art Show 21YOUTHAnnual Events 22Weekly & Monthly Events 23Shabbat 24Teen Israel Program & Camp Darom 25COMMUNITYChesed 26Community Partners 27Staff Biographies 28Calendar-at-a Glance 30 4. WELCOME FROM THE SENIOR RABBIDear Friends:Unique, special, vibrant, full of life and laughter, growing, learning,sharing, caring, chesed, love for Torah, Israel and every human being,are just few of the adjectives and beliefs that come to my mind whenI think about our beloved Baron Hirsch. Our memberships tapestryis combined of so many members from so many backgrounds thatcreate a beautiful mosaic. Our educational programs and learningopportunities for all ages provide each one of you the opportunity tolearn and grow on your individual level and enhance your knowledgeand life. Our Israel classes and programs enrich our commitmentto our beloved State of Israel and our involvement with Israel advocacy is admired nationally. Last year wecelebrated a historical milestone - our 150th anniversary - in a meaningful and elegant way. We are among onlya few congregations in the United States who have such an amazing and glorious past, and it should make usvery proud and hopeful for a bright future. When we see the growth of our community despite the challenges,and when we see the large attendance of people who come to learn, daven and participate in chesed, we knowthat our future is strong and stable.Baron Hirsch offers a full range of services and classes for adults, teens and children. Adult Educationopportunities abound with the Israel Affairs class, Mini-Guest Lecture Series, Education Minyan, WomensParsha class, Living Room classes, Jewish History class, Lunch and Learn class, Shabbat Afternoon class, JewishHistory Book Club, special classes and so much more. Our Scholars-in-Residence weekends throughout theyear provide Shabbat enrichment and real opportunities to explore different areas of our tradition.The Baron Hirsch Youth Department features a wide array of activities for children of all ages, including ournew Tot Shabbat, the increasingly popular Israel Advocacy Program, Camp Darom, as well as Torah study andmore. Seniors always enjoy the monthly Kol Rena So-Shuls luncheons. The Baron Hirsch Sisterhood, MensClub, Chesed Committee, Kiddush Corps and Knitting Group all offer numerous volunteer opportunities tohelp make our shul and our community a better place.We are proud to present to you this Guide to your growth, which contains virtually everything you need toknow about the upcoming year at Baron Hirsch: our Educational Institute, Scholar-in-Residence Shabbats,holiday and congregational events, Youth Department and general information. We would be thrilled to seeyou and your family at our programs throughout the year, and we look forward to the opportunity to serveyour needs.The events and programs presented by the synagogue have only two requirements they need yourattendance and your support to ensure our continued growth and diversity! We invite you to scan these pagesand discover which window leads to your Jewish community experience.With much love,Shai Finkelstein 5. BARON HIRSCH STAFFRabbi Shai Finkelstein | Senior Rabbirabbi@baronhirsch.orgCantor Ricky Kampf | Cantorcantor@baronhirsch.orgRabbi Mordechai HarrisTeen Rabbi & Outreach Directorrabbimordechai@baronhirsch.orgDavid Fleischhacker | Executive Directorexec@baronhirsch.orgGwen Moody | Administrative Assistantgwen@baronhirsch.orgApril Blankenship | Administrative Assistantapril@baronhirsch.orgSYNAGOGUE DIRECTORYBaron Hirsch Congregation400 S. Yates RoadMemphis, TN 38120(901) 683-7485For program updates andchanges, visit us online:www.baronhirsch.orgBARON HIRSCH OFFICERSPace Cooper | PresidentMorris Thomas | 1st Vice PresidentDavid Mendelson | 2nd Vice PresidentDr. Ellis Tavin | Vice PresidentAdam Groveman | Vice PresidentSarah Thomas | TreasurerMary Trotz | SecretaryDavid Cooper | Gabbai RishonElliot Wender | Gabbai ShayneDr. Naftali Klein | Asst GabbaiLouis Safier | Asst GabbaiGerald Ballin | WardenBaron Hirsch is onFacebook. Find us!Visit our YouTubechannel for currentand archived your name toour email list bysending a request 6. 6EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTESCHOLARS IN RESIDENCEBARON HIRSCH is proud to bring the best of scholarship to Memphis from across the UnitedStates and Israel. Each of our weekends includes several presentations with our visiting scholars, along withthe opportunity for congregants to get to meet and know these outstanding speakers on a personal level.Visit our website at prior to each visit to see the exact schedule of presentations.The Baron Hirsch Scholars-in-Residence program is sponsored by Larisa & Ben Baer.NOVEMBER 21 22 | PROFESSOR SMADAR & RABBIMICHAEL ROSENSWEIGRabbi Michael Rosensweig occupies the Nathan and Perel Schupf Chair in Talmudat RIETS. He is a 1980 graduate of Yeshiva College, and earned an M.A. and a Ph.D.from the Bernard Revel Graduate School. After receiving semicha, Rabbi Rosensweigwas among the first group to complete the intensive post-graduate studies in RIETSCaroline and Joseph S. Gruss Kollel Elyon, and was appointed a Rosh Yeshiva in 1985.Dr. Smadar Rosensweig is a professor of Bible at Stern College for Women at YeshivaUniversity, as well as a professor of biblical studies at Allegra Franco SephardicWomens Teachers College. Previously, she was a professor of Judaic studies andhistory at Touro College. Dr. Rosensweig received a masters degree in philosophy anda masters degree in arts from Columbia University. She gives shiurim and lecturesthroughout the metropolitan area and across the country.JANUARY 16 - 17 | RABBI DR. MEIR SOLOVEICHIKRabbi Meir Soloveichik is a leading Jewish thinker, theologian, and public intellectual.He obtained his Rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University and holds a Ph.D. fromPrinceton in Religion. He currently serves as the Director of the Straus Center for Torahand Western Thought at Yeshiva University, and is the Senior Rabbi of CongregationShearith Israel, the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, in Manhattan.FEBRUARY 6 - 7 | PROFESSOR MORDECHAI KEDARDr. Mordechai Kedar is a Lecturer on Arabic and Islamic Studies and an AssistantProfessor at Bar-Ilan University. His areas of research include Islam, Islamic Movements,gender issues in Islam, Arabic mass media, popular culture in the Arab world, stateand society in the Arab world. He is a frequent guest on Al Jezeera, and served as aLieutenant Colonel in the IDF Military Intelligence unit. 7. 7EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTEMARCH 20 - 21 | RABBI MENACHEM LEIBTAGRabbi Menachem Leibtag, is an internationally acclaimed bible scholar and pioneer ofJewish Education on the internet. His vibrant thematic-analytical approach blends themethods of modern academic scholarship with traditional Jewish approaches to theBiblical text. He is best known for his ability to teach students how to study rather thansimply read Biblical passages. Rabbi Leibtag teaches at Yeshivat Har Etzion, YeshivatShaalavim, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and at Yeshiva Universitys Gruss Center, androutinely lectures around the globe.MAY 1 - 2 | RABBI BENJAMIN BLECHRabbi Benjamin Blech is an internationally recognized educator, religious leader,author, and lecturer. He is Rabbi Emeritus of Young Israel of Oceanside, which heserved for 37 years. A recipient of the American Educator of the Year Award, he hasbeen a Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University since 1966. Rabbi Blech is the authorof fifteen highly acclaimed and bestselling books. He is also a past President of boththe National Council of Young Israel Rabbis, as well as the International League for theRepatriation of Russian Jewry. Rabbi Blech has also served as officer for the New YorkBoard of Rabbis as well as the Rabbinical Council of America.JUNE 19 - 20 | RABBI RONEN & DR. PNINA NEUWIRTHRabbi Neuwirth is serving as the Rabbi of Ohel Ari (Minyan Chadash) Congregationin Raannana. He is the executive director of the Beit Hillel organization in Israel. Hecombines his work as a Rabbi and teacher with work as Chief Technology Officer for ahi-tech company.Dr. Pnina Neuwirth is a judge, formerly a lawyer, specializing in Tax and Commerciallaw in Israel. She holds a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree in Tax Law from theHebrew University and a Ph.D. in the field of International Taxation of E-commercefrom Haifa University. She also teaches in a number of seminaries. From 2004 until2006 Pnina was a visiting professor at Stern College for women in the US, teachingJewish Studies and Jewish Philosophy. She was also the writer of a column Women inthe Bible for the Makor Rishon paper in Israel. 8. 8EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTEEDUCATIONAL INSTITUTEWEEKLY CLASSES/DAILY SERVICESSUNDAYSWorld Events Class - See page 12TUESDAYSCall Torah Rabbi Shai FinkelsteinWatch Rabbi Finkelstein give a short class on theweekly parsha. Watch on your computer, your iPad,or your mobile device via YouTube. Archived classescan be viewed on Baron Hirschs YouTube channel